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We have all been through break ups, and everyone has had their heart broken at some point in their lives. Then some people heal and move on, but what about the people who can't heal and can't move on. Some people have lost the loves of their lives and want them back. You feel a strong pull to them, something inside you refuses to let go, you know it was meant to be and are willing to try anything to get them back. Mr. Michael Fiore just might be the person to help you win back your ex.

You have tried changing the way you look, the way you act, the way you talk. Spent too much money on new clothes trying to impress your ex, not to mention all the time wasted calling, texting, emailing and nothing seems to work. You get no answer back. Books have been bought on improving your self-esteem and "make them love you" gimmicks by batting your eyes. All you end up with is an empty bank account and a heart that might be a little more bruised by more rejection.

Every time I open a magazine I see articles for "Make him notice you" or "10 Simple tricks to make them fall for you". I read them and kind of giggle to myself. These things would never work. Doing research online I came across a lot of sites that will "test your love compatibility"- you know the ones...put in your birthdate, and theirs, or your name and theirs and up pops a sign that states "you are perfect together and will always be together". Computer generated fluff basically. I have looked through a lot of books and websites on how to get your ex back, and I know it is taxing and trust me most of it is pure silliness until Michael Fiore popped up and his website actually made me sit back and think for a minute.

The Text Your Ex Back program is like no other:

  • The only program that does all the work for you, no guess work or pressure.
  • So simple that anyone can use this program.
  • Uses basic human psychology.

This program will show you how to reawaken the passion, love, and desire of your lost love with the push of a button...your very own cell phone! Michael Fiore will show you what texts will have your ex fantasizing about you, thinking about you all day long, begging for you, and flirting with you. This program has been featured in magazines, radio,, and has also been on a segment of the Rachael Ray show. Thousands of happy customers are now back with their ex's, The Text Your Ex Back program works for both men and women who are wanting their ex's back in their lives and arms. The texts that are sent will help connect the both of you on a deeper level; their attention will be yours no matter what. If by chance the reply doesn't come as soon as you would like it to, give it some time, this just means they have more time to be thinking of you. And if no reply comes, this program will tell you what to do to change that.

Here are just a few of the different types of texts that are described in this eBook:

  • Judo Text- Use their emotions against them to wake up the love and desire they are trying to deny.
  • Best of the relationship Text- Bring them back to the best times you two had together.
  • Green eyed monster Text- Mr. Fiore explains that positive jealousy is a good thing; it will make your ex desperate for your affection.
  • Emotional honesty Texts- Get them to say exactly how they really feel.

By learning how to text the right things at the right times you will have your ex begging to come back to you. Learn how to make them shiver with excitement every time they see your name pop up on their cell phones, have them thinking about you constantly. This is not about "sexting" this is about reminding them of the best parts of your relationship, making them remember that you are the person they always wanted to be with.

Verdict: Text Your Ex Back is a tried and true program. Thousands of happy customers have used this program to get back together with their ex's and even when they are back together are still using some of the Intimacy Booster Texts to keep the fire burning strong. Your love can be yours again.

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